Matches: 5 v 5 Overview

Goal Oriented Actions

  • Better understanding of the game
  • Better control of the ball
  • Slow development of playing together
  • Short attention span
  • Focus remains on individual ball mastery (not so much playing together)
  • Focus on attack, defence and transition.
  • Passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting
  • Chasing pressing, blocking, winning the ball
  • Small sided games
  • Freedom of expression

Game Rules


  • 4 periods of 12 mins
  • No throws – dribble/ kick from sideline
  • No penalties
  • 1 goalkeeper 4 outfield 1 Substitute
  • 45m x 25m pitch
  • 5m x 2m Goal size
  • Retreat line
  • No referee- match supervisor only

Retreat Line

Retreat lines divide the pitch into thirds. Goalie must pass from the ground with foot (no throws or long kicks)

On restart, opposition players cannot advance in first third of the pitch until pass has been completed