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As we move to a resumption of training from Monday 22nd June there are some guidelines from the FAI which must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety in this crisis.

All members must be aware and familiar of these protocols before attending training.

Parents & Kids

  • Parents should arrive with their children NO more than 10 minutes before scheduled training time.
  • Children must be left at the appropriate designated drop off area.
  • Parents are not permitted to stay at the ground and should leave and return 5 minutes before end of training, And children should be collected in designated collection point.
  • Children should come dressed for training as the dressing rooms will not be in use.
  • Children should bring their own hand sanitisers( though there will be some available at training) and water.
  • On arrival children should queue in designate area and they will then be checked onto the pitch.
  • At the moment there is NO physical contact in training and no handling of footballs( this will all change very soon).
  • At the end of the session children should again queue to be checked out and head to designated collection point.


  • Each team will have a designated Covid officer and it will be there job to ensure that all children are checked in and out( forms will be provided) that all training gear is removed from the training area and that equipment MUST be disinfected after each session.
  • Toilets will be open but water in the toilets should not be used, hand sanitisers will be provided.
  • If the toilets are used the designated Covid Officer have to ensure that the toilets are cleaned after each session.there will be a check list in the toilet which should be signed after each session.
  • We ask all players and coaches to adhere to these guidelines during this strange period.any team or players failing to implement this guidelines will be removed from the training schedule.Thanks and enjoy your return to some type of football.


The Football Association of Ireland has published a ‘Safer Return To Training’ guide for all Adult Amateur and Underage football, including the Underage National League.

Please download the original document here if you would like to read more.

» FAI ‘Safer Return To Training’