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Following the easing of restrictions from Government, the FAI confirmed that football training could resume from the June 15th 2020. However all clubs must adhere to a number of protocols.

The Football Association of Ireland has published a ‘Safer Return To Training’ guide for all Adult Amateur and Underage football, including the Underage National League.

Please read on for a summary of the new training protocols or you can download the original document here.

» FAI ‘Safer Return To Training’

Venue and Facilities

  • Ensure that a COVID-19 Risk Assessment is carried out on the training venue prior to its use.
  • Ensure that COVID-19 signage is visible throughout the training facility.
  • Ensure that no changing rooms or showers are used.
  • Ensure that sanitary facilities are accessible for players and coaches.
  • Ensure that all training equipment, including goalposts are sanitized before and after every training session.

The Training Sessions

  • Ensure that the group numbers specified in the FAI Safer Return to Training Protocol are adhered to:
    » Adult Training | Group of 15 (14 players & minimum of 1 coach)
    » Underage Training | Group of 15 (13 players & minimum of 2 coaches)
  • Ensure that only essential personnel access the training pitch/area
  • Ensure that the training area is at least 75 X 50 metres in size
  • Ensure that social distancing is adhered to by all players and coaches when accessing and leaving the training area
  • Ensure contact is kept to a minimum during the training session, as per FAI Safer Return to Training Protocol.
  • Ensure players, coaches and parents refrain from congregating at the venue or car park during pick-ups and drop-offs.

Coaches and Players

  • Ensure that the coaches and players understand and adhere to their responsibilities, as set out in the FAI Safer Return to Training Protocol.
  • Keep a record of attendees at all training sessions for contact tracing purposes.


  • Regularly liaise with, and report to, the Club Chairperson and relevant coach(es) regarding the training sessions and adherence to the FAI Safer Return to Training Protocol.