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HCYFC Challenge Series


We’ve all been away from football for too long! But with the restart of the Bundesliga and a new pilot competition launched by the SSE Airtricity League, maybe it’s time to prepare for a return to football.

Inspired by the FAI homeskills channel (which we recommend you check out) Harold’s Cross YFC have started our own challenge series. Each week we will post our latest challenge for our members (and family members!) to try.

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1.King of Keepy Ups

Classic challenge.

Keepy Ups: Juggle the ball (no hands!!) and prevent it touching the ground. Use feet, knee, shoulder, head….try some stylish variations. Most keepy ups win. A tricky skill but perfect for older kids. Lots of practice required……and patience

For younger kids try letting the ball bounce between kicks. You can practice indoors with a balloon. Once you practice you will start to improve quickly. Good luck. #hcyfcchallenge

Get tips here or go to theĀ FAI homeskills channel. Search youtube for techniques and tips and extra skills.


  1. Most Keepy Ups Wins

Make it fun and challenge some one in your household maybe a parent or sibling.

Prize for winner. Send us your video or tag us. Last entry Wed 3rd June.

2. Spot kick challenge

Our first challenge is pretty straightforward. Spot kick challenge: score as many goals from 5 spotkicks as you can. The only rule is your “spot” must be your age plus 5 steps from the goal. So if you’re 13 that’s 18 steps. Keep your goal small: 3 paces wide.


  1. Make Goal (3 paces wide)
  2. Make spot: distance from goal is your age plus 5 stepsĀ 
  3. Take 5 shots

Make it fun and challenge some one in your household maybe a parent or sibling.

Remember all mums are 21 years old.

Oldies special dispensation. We also have a special dispensation for players over the age of 50. If you are over 50 your steps are : half your age minus the number of years you have been retired. But you will need to show proof of age for this dispensation!!

Upcoming Challenges

HCYFC Academy: Kid vs Coach

More to Come!


We will have a new challenge every Friday in May and June. We really want to see your efforts and results so please send us your pictures or videos and let us know how you got on.

So follow us on social media to keep up to date.